Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plastic Cards as Paint Spreaders: Creative Repurposing

January 1st was a good day to clean out my purse. 

 I enjoy a clean purse!  Everyday is a good day to clean out a purse. 

  What was left over from cleaning is something I also enjoy:

creative re-purposing!

Old plastic cards like these are fantastic for

spreading paint on paper as well as acrylic gesso.

Here you see me spreading orange and red paint over my paper

to background my next list for

Theme:  "What's New"

I really enjoy big, bold colorful backgrounds for my List It Tuesday art.

If I had it to do again I'd use more orange paint and less paint in general. It doesn't take so much!

Here's the wet page settling down to dry.

I use acrylic paint so the card is washable and so are my hands.

Notice I use wax paper for a painting surface on my art table.

 Wax paper is washable with a damp cloth and very inexpensive.

Here's an example of how I create colored backgrounds for my artwork

using plastic cards as paint spreaders 

 "Been There Done That: My Artist Excursions"

Next time I'll also consider using the side of the plastic card to scrape lines or designs into the wet paint.  Another idea for next time is to use plastic bottle lids to stamp another color onto the background.

~Cheryl Gee is a collage artist most fond of paper but is learning to work with paint.

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