Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paper Plates: Creative Repurposing

 Decorative Paper Plates

Paper plates aren't just for picnics anymore. 

Jazzy blue square paper plates were creatively re-purposed as a wall sign in the classroom of 
Melinda Hoover. 

This Reading sign was created by attaching cut out letters onto fancy paper plates.

 The paper plates were stapled onto a wall in
a space saving and eye-catching vertical line. It's about 4 feet tall.

Very simple!  So creative!

Here's another take on the paper plate as a creative display:

Teacher Linda Mast used regular plan white paper plates to teach vocabulary.

The visual structure on the wall
created by the fluted edges of the paper plates caught my attention. 
 These plain white paper plates are so textural.

Visually intriguing!

 Linda's paper plate display is literally floor to ceiling, and it goes around corners of the wall.
I asked Linda how she got the idea, and she told me it just came to her.

You're so creative Melinda and Linda!

Book Buffet: My Paper Plate Creativity at the Library

My festive snowman plates with cut out numbers
 labeled four stacks of books on different topics
for a fun lesson at the library called
 Book Buffet.

For my lesson I collected library books on four different topics.
 When the students arrive I introduce the lesson by telling them what's on the "menu" at the Book Buffet.  They get smiles on their faces!

 On the menu this week: books on solar system, sports, art, weather or countries.

Snowman, snow and winter books are fun!

I placed the stacks of books on library tables
 then set small groups of students to rotating around all the book stacks for a minute or two.

I use a timer, and when the time is up
the students know to stack the books and rotate to the next book station.

We usually have a quiet Book Buffet, but next time I'm going to add some music.
 It's a work in progress!

The fun for the students is to discover books in the library they may not know we have.

 Book Buffet is a fun, active time for the students.

How do you use paper plates creatively?

~Cheryl Gee enjoys teaching in the very creative public school district in Plano, Texas

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