Friday, January 11, 2013

Museum of Simple Things: Photo Inspired Pottery Display

Here you see my painting in an old hardback book with acrylic paints 

using the photograph in the top left of the page as inspiration

for Museum of Simple Things, an online art journal course. 

The objective was just to create a quick visual  impression of the shapes and colors,

 not to create an exact duplicate of the pottery in the display.  

I enjoyed the entire clumsy, playful few minutes I spent painting the pottery display.

 I use matte medium brushed between the pages in old hardback books to make the pages thicker. 
This reinforces the pages for painting.
Next time I will be more careful to get a good solid adhere between the pages. 
Above you see the page creased after I painted the pottery display. 
The crease became even worse when I put the book on my scanner.

 I have better luck with pages I glue together
when I weigh them down with a large heavy object like a stack of books.

"It takes courage to be an artist.  Twice.  
First, it takes courage to bring a vision into the physical realm.  
Then it takes courage to show it to the world."

~Serena Kovalsky

~Cheryl Gee is most comfortable with the medium of paper collage but longs to mix it up with some paint once in a while.  She is grateful for times when "create an exact duplicate" aren't part of the expectations. 

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