Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Museum of Simple Things: Photo Inspired Rainbow Sky

This painting was done on pages of an old hardback book.

If you look closely you can see the print peeking through the layers of color. I like that you can.

I am showing you an assignment in my first ever online art journal course:

Daisy Yellow Art Blog's Museum of Simple Things

"Alter a Book Into a Journal"

Technique:  Photo Inspired Painting

Materials used:

My photo inspiration is located in the lower right corner of the pages.  The photograph came from an old magazine, and it shows an airplane traveling along in a sky layered with rainbow colors and also white and black clouds.  It looks like no sky I've ever seen, but the photo seems realistic. It seemed a good choice!

 First I used a pencil to lightly sketch the location of the airplane and the layers of color in the sky.  I applied acrylic paints straight from the bottle without dilution or mixing with other colors.  The pages of the old book had been reinforced by me for painting on with matte medium to adhere the pages together.

  I used wax paper between the pages on the left side and the right side
so as not to get paint on the other pages of the book.
When using wax paper to protect pages I like to take a piece the size of a paper towel,
 fold it in half and give it a good crease.  The wax paper seems to fit better inside the book that way.

~Cheryl Gee is enjoying the second day of the new year and hopes you are as well. 

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