Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Green & Turquoise: December Rainbow Escape

My index card art for
Daisy Yellow's
December Rainbow Escape.

{Color Combination}
Green and turquoise
Cut paper collage
My rainbow!
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist who created an index card rainbow.  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yellow & Green: December Rainbow Escape

My index card art for
{Color combination}
yellow & green
mind map/collaboration turned it into a cartoon!
My rainbow so far.
~Cheryl Gee consulted her amazing, creative son for some word inspiration for a yellow and green mind map and got some Greenzilla inspiration instead. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Orange & Yellow: December Rainbow Escape

My index card art for
{Color combination}
Orange and yellow
Found poetry
Old school cut paper collage

 I'm creating a rainbow!
~Cheryl Gee wishes you a Merry Christmas and hopes that you check out this article about how to write a found poem.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scarlet & Orange: December Rainbow Escape

My index card art
"Scarlet & Orange"
art challenge
December Rainbow Escape.
{Color combination}
scarlet and orange:  a warm, happy combination
Materials used:
orange and red decorative paper from my vast collection of pretty paper,
an index card painted all over in white, orange and red with acrylic paints,
lettering and doodling with an ultra fine permanent marker.
~or rather my impromptu version of the quote~
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
I'm building a rainbow with index card art.
~Cheryl Gee is contemplating the choice of her word for 2014.  Her word for 2013 was 'enjoy'.  She would enjoy knowing which word you will choice to guide through your thoughts, actions and creations in the new year. 

Heart of Texas: Wordless Wednesday

~Cheryl Gee shared this creativity at the last Glue It Tuesday at Artsyville.  Thank you Aimee!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Magenta & Scarlet: December Rainbow Escape

My Index Card Art
{Color Combination}
Magenta & Scarlet
I love a good art challenge and here's one for December:
pick a color combination and a technique as you work your way around a rainbow color wheel.
Above is my first: magenta and scarlet with a list.
The inspiration for this list has been on my bulletin board lately
and it came from
Manifest Your Dreams
Thoughts have a profound way of allowing you to see opportunities and take action. 
Positivity and creativity enable us to actualize what we desire.
Here's your invitation to imagine something you want.  Something just for you. 
1.  Visualize what you want
Imagine your want in great detail.  See it and feel it.
2.  Positive mindset
Thinking positively creates positive outcomes. 
3.  Practice patience
Manifesting takes time.  Keep visualizing.  Giving up is not an option.
4.  Slow down and breathe
Creative imagining happens when you are feeling centered, calm and peaceful. 
~Cheryl Gee invites you to manifest your dreams and to join in an art challenge of your choice this month.  Action steps!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kid Leaf Art: Wordless Wednesday

~Cheryl Gee is a school  librarian and mixed media artist on the pursuit of creativity. She found this delightfully elfin art displayed in her school.   This "leaf art" was designed by an eight year old artist who painted over some fallen leaves with acrylic paints in warm and cool colors,  printed them on paper, and finished by outlining the leaves and adding leaf veins with oil pastels. Gorgeous and unique!
~You are invited to post your Wordless Wednesday creations below!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturated Color: Daily Paper Prompts

"Saturated With Red"
My index card art
~3D Candy Cane Frame, text and snowflakes via Picmonkey's free photo editing~
Saturated color: 
drenched, immersed, soaked, and liquefied as in
with paint.
I'm in a mood to search for colors and shapes, so
paper is my choice of saturation with color today.
My canvas is a 3"x5" index card.
Source of images: glossy magazines.
 Why red?  Just because. 
I've saturated index cards and blank books with paper color before:
"Blue Art Materials"

"Yellow Hibiscus"
 "White Piece"
"Collage with Pink"
"Black and White"
"Blue Mood"
~Cheryl Gee and the rest of North Texas are iced in just now. Thanks, Freak Arctic Blast!  Must make art and hot chocolate with extra creamy whipped cream!  Oh the possibilities!
"Dallas Frozen"
 photo via Mike Gee
Sheets of Ice Falling
Shops of Legacy
Plano, Texas

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Stuffed and Fluffed: Semi-Wordless Wednesday

When you  work at a creative place like I do
 sometimes you get a bag full of silly craft stuff like shown above 
with the instructions
 "Build a Turkey" and win a prize. 
One thing though: you can only add one item!
I've been creative before creative was cool, so naturally I'm all over this!
My 1st place turkey!
For my one added item I selected a discarded children's library Thanksgiving book. 
Clever, yes?
Here's how I fluffed a turkey from the stuff in the bag:
From construction paper in the bag of craft stuff
I cut out a head, feet, and wings.
 I glued the turkey head to a popsicle stick
and stuck it down into the spine of the book.
I folded the center pages of the book
 in a protruding manner for a turkey body,
and used the trimmed off page edges to make loopy feathers for the back.
I glued on tail feathers
cut from the book jacket
and added pom-poms everywhere it looked good,
and it looked good all over! 
Lots of pom-poms!
~Cheryl Gee is on the pursuit of creativity and hopes to find some on the road this Thanksgiving holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving to the nicest followers ever!
~p.s.  Her prize for creating a first place turkey at work from a bag of stuff?  A "leave work early coupon".  Awesome! More time for creativity!
~This creativity is shared at Artsyville's Glue It Tuesday. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chandelier: Daily Paper Prompts

My index card art
"Chandelier Red";
a cut paper collage over acrylic paint
Also my index card art:
"Chandelier Henna"
It's a cut paper collage
using a magazine photograph
of a henna tattooed feminine hand
for the layers of the chandelier
with a  Zentangle for the hanger.
~Cheryl Gee lives in North Texas and works as a school librarian and plays as an artist, writer, photographer and blogger.
~This creativity was shared at Artsyville's Glue It Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Anime Artist at Work: Wordless Wednesday

~Cheryl Gee is on the pursuit of creativity and happened upon some in the form of this kid artist at work with her phone and sketch pad.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dictionary Love: Daily Paper Prompts

Here's some artsy love from me
for a discarded dictionary page
with the improbably guide word Fridays
Above you see my "Once Upon a Midnight" mixed media collage tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.
Materials used:
a page from child's board book coated with gesso
Mod Podge
acrylic paints
colored tissue paper torn to shreds
dictionary page
photocopies of a Poe portrait, ravens and a memorable line from the poem "The Raven."
One of my first tries at index card art:
the definition of cute.
~Cheryl Gee has been a fan of dictionaries, Edgar Allan Poe, cupcakes and eating something cute since always.
~This mixed media creativity was shared at Daisy Yellow and Artysville's Glue It Tuesdays. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Off the Grid: Daily Paper Prompt

My index card art,
a cut paper collage for
Daisy Yellow Daily Paper Prompt 'Grid'.

 grid: n. a framework of crisscrossed or parallel bars
~American Heritage Dictionary

~Cheryl Gee shared her weekend project at Daisy Yellow and Artsyville's Glue It Tuesday.  The shapes are cut from her treasured collection of Home Companion Magagine by Mary Englebreit.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Field Day Chalk Mural: The Moments #6

Crime Scene or Children's Chalk Mural?
My imperfect photo for today was taken on a rainy day
and doesn't convey the actual scenario whatsoever!
The front porch of our school was transformed
into a Keith Haring inspired chalk mural
of several active human forms
by children for our annual field day.
Field day translates into games on the lawn and getting sprayed with water hoses! 
Despite the rain the chalk mural was fantastic!
The moment I took this camera photo I was concentrating
on not first and foremost
making sure
 I didn't capture the student's face
because of privacy laws in schools.
~Cheryl Gee is hugely into field day chalk murals, not so much the games on the lawn and getting sprayed with water hoses. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want Candy! Daily Paper Prompt: Round

My Index Cart Art
"Candy Roundness"
Round shapes were created by tracing around a plastic eraser.
I colored or patterned in the shapes with colored pencils,
cut the index card apart,
then reassembled it on black cardstock. 
 For the final touch I spread colored glitter glue over it all.
More of my round art:
Torn magazine paper and a round sticker of a Pennsylvania Dutch design on an index card.
More of my candy art:
"I Come from the Land of Candy"
My cut paper collage of a girl with a sweet face.
~Cheryl Gee shared this candy roundness index card art at Daisy Yellow's Daily Paper Prompts and
Glue It Tuesday at Artsyville!

Friday, November 1, 2013

If You Mustache: The Moments # 5

Oh how we love pumpkin season.
 You did know this gourd-ish squash has its own season, right?
Winter, Spring, Summer, Pumpkin....
We anxiously anticipate it every year.
~Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer, October 2010
If you must ask: Yes, this is my imperfect camera photo! 
Note to self: school florescent lights are tricky,
especially if you are in a hurry to take a photograph like I was here.
This is a phone camera photo of stickers on a classroom door window.

 I liked this cute pumpkin man with a mustache at my school!
~Cheryl Gee suggests you  join the fun of The Moments  by posting daily an imperfect photo with a quotation or accompanying story.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Share the Link Love: Online Places That Make Me Smile

School kid's art work; My photo editing hijinks.  
Let's have some fun by listing
places that are fun to visit online.
We're using our creative powers for good by joining the mission of
in spreading some link love.
Let's get started, shall we?
1. PicMonkey/ Free Photo Editing, is my daily go to place
for adding text and sparkles to my digital images. 
 The world needs more sparkles!
You can also make photo collages there.  So easy and so creative!
Here's a mommy blogger with an acute case of the cutes.
Always good for some laughs.
is a crafter, designer, comedic writer
who never fails to amuse me
and enlighten me. i.e.:
Liberace Guacamole recipe and Confetti Business Cards.
Who is Crafty Chica? 
 In her own words she is an artsy, thrifty, quirky and ultra clever female.
Crafty Chica is addicted to extreme color, sparkly accents,
and spreads the love through all things handmade.
5.  How About Orange?
Designer, fabric designer and creative person
Jessica runs a show and tell blog that is heaven
to anyone who loves design concepts and what else?
Oh right, the color orange.

~Cheryl Gee used a student's self portrait above and edited it in PicMonkey with Halloween tricks and treats.  


Friday, October 25, 2013

Ogee: Daily Paper Prompts

My "Ogee by Cgee" colored pencil drawing
for Daily Paper Prompts of Daisy Yellow Art Blog

~Cheryl Gee would like you to know that an ogee is a curve shaped somewhat like a letter S, consisting of two arc that curve in opposite senses, so that the ends are tangential. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saturday Sculpture: Wordless Wednesday

~Cheryl Gee and her amazing creative son compared their camera photos of this sculpture on Saturday. Hers with an iPhone 5 was fine; his with a Samsung Galaxy was much better: zoom in ability, more pixels, you get the picture! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Share the Link Love: Fave Five Posts That Almost Weren't

My "Bubble Vase" Cut Magazine Paper Collage

I'm treasure hunting through this blog today
because I'm on a mission
with Daisy Yellow and Crafty Pod
to share some link love. 

Today's theme is
 'posts that I almost didn't post."  
1.  Boldly Brilliant
In August 2012, I decided the blogosphere looked like a friendly place to play.
 So I registered this website and for my first blog post I showed you my school district's creative, artsy Roy Lichtenstein pop art inspired theme of the year.

2. Index Card a Day #1-#5 (2012)
Last summer I didn't have a summer school job,
so I decided to do something that I knew would make me even happier:
I took some time to learn about art and to make art.
 I'm going out on a limb here with this blog post by actually showing it to you!
In May, 2013, a monster tornado leveled the town
where I was married several years ago
and where my amazingly creative son was born. 
 I was devastated at the news of the massive destruction. 
 It brought back so many memories of my life then.
Was our house still standing?
It was so painful to recall our happy early married years because the marriage didn't last. 
Did the house?
This summer I called the City of Moore
and was so relieved to learn
our house still stands today.
It survived.  So did I. So did my amazingly creative son.

4. 100th Blog Post
Blogging is a labor of love.
It's pointless sometimes and soulful, enriching at all times.
I wonder if anyone cares, and then suddenly I'll get a comment
from the nicest followers ever and I'm on my pursuit of creativity once again. 
Thank you to all my followers.  You're the best!
I love being part of the artistic online community.
 Here's to my 200th post, coming before the year ends.

5. I'm the Winner!
Sometimes it is just plain hard
to keep up with all my creative online acquaintances,
but one lucky-for-me day
I replied online to Girl Unwinding and won her big giveaway. 
Later I featured Dawn as a
special guest artist here
Making time for online friends is very important!

~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist who let her inner artistic child come out to play in 2012 and is ever so glad she did.
~This share the link love creativity is shared at Daisy Yellow.  

Blue And Cool: The Moments #4

Blue is
harmonious, confident,
oceanic, icy,
political, prestigious,
fashionable, royal and
Imperfections of camera photo: blurry and poor light quality
This photo was taken purely for library lesson inspiration
a few years before I started blogging and posting photos of
varying degrees of perfection and imperfection.
~Cheryl Gee is on the pursuit of creativity and found some at the public library when she saw a display of books with blue artwork on the covers.  The moment she saw this blue book display her inner artistic child smiled.
My "Blue Mind Map"
My "Blue Art Materials" Index Card Art
~Cheryl Gee's favorite color is green.  There's no cooler color than green.  Sorry, blue. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't Mess With Texas Women: The Moment #3

"My other bumper sticker is funny."
~Overheard Somewhere Sometime
Imperfections of camera photo:
distorted angles on the edges of the bumper sticker; weird diagonal shadow;
rusty car chassis

I spotted this bumper sticker
at the community center at
 the moment
I was going in to request a refund for the
Zumba class that didn't work out:
 too small classroom,
questionable qualifications of the instructor,
etc. etc. etc.

Don't mess with Texas women Zumba.

~Cheryl Gee takes photos with her iPhone camera often--some of them are perfect and some of them aren't.  The imperfect ones show up at Daisy Yellow's The Moments every day in October. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keep Calm & Read On: The Moments #2

"Thank you for saying I said that.
 I should have got that patented.
I could at least have got
that quote on a t-shirt."
~Santana Moss, Washington Redskins
Football Player
Imperfections of camera photo: unnatural pose and
 uninspired background for
kid with an creative t-shirt.
~Cheryl Gee is keeping calm, reading on, and posting the moments portrayed in her imperfect camera photographs during the month of October.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On a Problem-Solving Roll: The Moments #1

Post Your Imperfect Camera Photo Each Day in October
I'm Joining Up Late, But Imperfect Photos I've Got!

"Never try to solve all the problems at once —

make them line up for you one-by-one.

— Richard Sloma
 Tall Man, Tall Ladder
It was summer: my brief time away from teaching.
Summer was a time of Index Cards a Day, regular blog posting,
and lining up problems just for the thrill of checking  them off my list. 
I was on a roll!
One memorable problem I crossed off my list
was the cleaning of my
 extremely high windows
at my residence.
Clean Really High Windows!

The windows were dusty and a constant source of displeasure.
I like things beautiful, people!
One online search for a window cleaner in town yielded a good result.
 It wasn't that expensive and a really tall man with an ultra high ladder
tackled the job one morning.
The windows are spic and span now!
These photos aren't at all creative or memorable,
but I snapped them with my iPhone camera to
mark the moment that problem was solved.

Lesson learned: call in your professionals and never underestimate the power of Bing
It feels so good to solve a problem!
Home Sweet Home
Where I Have Really High Windows
~Cheryl Gee will be posting imperfect photos here in October.  Thank you Tammy, Daisy Yellow Art Blog, for the opportunity. You're so creative!