Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Fantasy Junk Drawer List

List It Tuesdays

This week's topic:  The contents of your junk drawer

I don't have an actual junk drawer, but I do have a fantasy junk drawer.  

Here's what would be inside:

*Tom Selleck's and Johnny Depp's phone numbers *
* Lexus RX spare key * Chanel watch * 
* Dolce & Gabbana red lipstick *
* a birthday card from Bravo Network's Andy Cohen * 
* Louis Vuitton luggage tag * plane tickets to anywhere *
* Tiffany & Co. sunglasses * a bar of gold *
 * "Moonrise Kingdom" DVD *
*Neiman Marcus gift card * 3 wishes *

~Cheryl Gee doesn't have a junk drawer that comes with three wishes but if she did she'd wish to have all her son's childhood toys inside, Eric Clapton's song 'Change the World', and a bigger drawer for her awesome junk.  

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