Sunday, December 16, 2012

Museum of Simple Things: Grid Painting & Collage

My work for an art ecourse created by daisyyellow art blog

Materials Used:

*Old hardback book
 (with text rich pages of textured not glossy paper)
for painting and collage

*Acrylic paint, paint brush, and plastic bottle lids for stamping ink 

*Journal fodder:  my choices here include such things as
a foil square, unusual magazine image cut outs, and a stamp from an envelope.
 I keep a collection of interesting paper for my art journals and collages.
For the beach babe in the first grid I added clothes and hair
 to a magazine photo of a sunset cut into the shape of a woman's body.
I am the proud curator of an extensive collection of magazines 
with interesting images and fonts for collages and journals, which is evident in all my artwork.   

*Matte medium and a paint brush for adhering journal fodder to pages

*Wax paper; 
double over some large squares of wax paper to place between pages so your book doesn't get glued shut

*Oil pastel crayons for outlining paper shapes

~Cheryl Gee is keeping busy and planning ahead for a creative new year. She hopes you are as well!

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