Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Paper Prompts #8 - #12

A continuing series of my art pieces on 3" x 5" index cards created for:

Daisy Yellow's Paper Prompts


First I lightly traced a heart-shaped paper pattern over and over on an index card with a pencil. I selected colored pencils in my favorite colors and shaded in the shapes, deliberately not in keeping with the heart shape, and being careful to keep like colors far apart from each other. 

For the last step I colored the background a blue that reminds me of faded blue jeans.  


I recalled this round sticker from my collection, and located it for the round paper prompt.  I sorted through my paper torn from glossy magazines for complimentary papers from the round sticker in the same shades of 
blue, rust, white and yellow.  
The background is made from roughly torn paper shapes attached to an index card with a glue stick.  The final touch was to apply the round sticker.  The style of art on the sticker is called "Pennsylvania Dutch."

 Paint to Music
For this prompt I painted about music:  Na Leo, a legendary girl group from Hawaii.  
I painted the index card, using acrylic paints, with layers of
 island colors in sand brown, sky blue, and surf white. 

For the next layer I applied a few magazine photograph images that suggest Hawaii to me:  ripples on ocean water, a shore, a palm tree, sunshine through fronds and a steep hill lush with foliage.  Random letters cut from magazines were added that spell out "Na Leo."  
The letters were outlined in a dark blue oil pastel crayon.

 New Word

My new word for the day was vitrine, which is a cabinet with glass panes.  I read my new word in the Sunday Dallas News that same day  in an article about organization. 

 Here you see my collage made from a magazine cut-out of a vitrine with some objects added for dimension: a carpet, flower wall art, and on top some books and vases.  
 I had never heard this word before or since!


I made the back of a paper pocket from a lime green piece of card stock cut to the size of an index card.  For the top of the pocket I cut a hot pink piece of scrapbook paper slightly shorter and wider than the lime green pocket back.  I sewed the two pieces of paper  together on two sides to create a pocket that is open on the top and right side. I used pink thread in a sewing machine.

For fun I folded down the right side corner of the hot pink paper and punched two holes in the corner with an ordinary hole punch.  I threaded a bit of green and pink ribbon through the holes.

Here you see my paper pocket holding the "Paint to Music" and "Faded" prompts from above. 

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