Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daily Paper Prompts #6 - #10

A continuing series of my art pieces on 3" x 5" index cards created for:
Daisy  Yellow Paper Prompts

I sorted through my "collage and art journaling fodder" and put together this daily paper prompt.
My box of paper scraps come in handy often! 
 Sure!  I'm going to remember life is an ongoing project and think less, dream more!


This paper prompt was so fun to create! 
 I refered to my actual diploma
The Universe recognized my perseverance of imagination
and bestowed a certificate of creativity to me on August 6th. 

The Car Color Game is one I read about in an American Girl Magazine sometime ago. 
I play it all the time when I'm driving. 
At a stop light I look around at the cars near me, and I select the most interesting car color. 
Then as I drive along I look for that color in the environment.  I
 try not to duplicate materials I spot in that color. 
 It is so amazing how my eye locates that color continuously as I drive. 
A favorite car game for sure! 
 Try it the next time you're out driving.  The world is one colorful place!

Sew Senseless
This prompt instructed me to sew together some uncoordinated materials, which is something I found quite challenging as I am usually all about the coordinating. 
I went to my fabric stash and collage fodder box and piled up one some scraps.  I got out my sewing machine and was pleasantly surprised that it worked like a charm as I sewed through four layers of cloth and paper.
The background is the keyboard of my brand new computer.


Being the paper lover I am, I have a great deal of decorative scrapbook paper and stickers.  
 I browsed through my seasonal paper and came up with this composition.

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