Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Daily Paper Prompts #13 - #15

The conclusion to the series of my summer art work on 3" x 5" index cards for

Daisy Yellow Paper Prompts

Stitches and Drips

I painted an index card with colored glitter glue in rows or layers of color. When it was dry I stitched an angular path to the center with a sewing machine using pink thread.

Art 2-Date

Art accomplishments to date.  

Here I listed some artistic endeavors for August: 18 daily paper prompts, 2 art ecourses, 1 blog ecourse, 2 art dates, read 10 art books, built a creativity blog, watched creative tv shows and followed several lovely art blogs.  My list was created on an index card covered in decorative paper, random letters cut from magazines outlined in light blue oil pastel crayon, and "eyes" cutouts.

Pattern:  Peacock Feathers

Here I traced an eye shape repeatedly over a background of lime green.  I was going for a stylized version of peacock feathers.  I used a dime shaped pattern to add the "eye" of the feather with a still smaller circle inside.  I outlined all the shapes and added layers of lines with an ultra-fine permanent black marker.  
The entire composition was colored with colored pencils. 

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