Monday, October 8, 2012

Spice Village Waco: Creative Repurposing

Variety is the spice of life ~ American Proverb

 The upper level of a 100 year old hardware store was transformed into 
a shopper's delightful destination.
 Spice Village is  a very cool collection of specialty shops in Waco, Texas, where I love to go.

Talk about variety!  Unique to the max!

Check this out.  Spice Village's blog is fun too!

Spice Village brochure

 Feast your eyes!

What I saw this week at Spice Village:


You arrived!  Hooray!  The Spice sign beckons you up to the second floor. 

Stationery, candles and the dressing room.

Cute and stylish women's clothing, accessories and such.

Wow!  Jewelry!

Home accessories.
Hanging paper chandeliers. They remind me of Japanese flowers.

More jewelry. 
There's  a  retro bike over the stairs as you go down the stairs to the bakery and cafe.
The Olive Branch below Spice Village serves breakfast and lunch
Yum! I recommend Olive Branch Bakery and Cafe!
Spice Village brochure

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