Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Richland College Theatre: "Night of the Living Dead"

I  experienced this ghoulishness at Richland College in Dallas:
A Richland College Theatre Department Production
There was a beautiful theater with red velvet seats, great acting, and chilling zombie scenes!
Wandering around the Richland College campus before the

Student artwork in Fannin Hall:
a photograph was interpreted into a grid with shapes and shading 

 A leaf skeleton, a scienctific formula and other intricate designs were etched into
the exterior marble walls of Sabine Hall. 
The two small frames on the marble walls are actually shadow boxes depicting
scientific words with small related objects.  
(Day of the Dead)
Fannin Performance Hall
Paint splattered and dried onto the concrete porch outside an art studio at the fine arts building.

Layers of paint were allowed to drip down and dry
over the years on the same splattered art studio concrete porch.
This dripped paint image is currently used for this blog's title background!


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