Monday, October 22, 2012

Rare Book Room: Creative Website

About 400 of the world's greatest books can be read in digital form 
free of charge at

Rare Reading Room

One may read books in varying topics and rarity by medium to medium-high resolution.
Enter the author's name in the first search box to locate the author's books. 
A "find by category", "find by authors", and "find by library" is also available.
Double-clicking on a digital books increases its size for ease in viewing.
Some of the site's highlights are:
This section contains most of the Shakespeare Quartos from the British Library, the Bodelein Library, the University of Edinburgh Library, and the National Library of Scotland.  This section also contains the First Folio from the Folger Shakespeare Library, a first edition of the Sonnets,
and a first edition of Shakespeare's poems.
This section contains the 1753 through 1758 issues of Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac omitting only two issues. Experiments and Observations on Electricity is included.
"Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers"
from a celebrated botanical artist
"Starry Messenger"
Observations of the Moon
"De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium, Libri VI"
The Planetary System
100 plates containing 450 brilliantly colored engravings of exotic aquatic life
Some of the books are available on CD for purchase from Octavo.   

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