Saturday, October 6, 2012

List It Tuesdays: I'm a Sucker for....


Aimee's Art Challenge at Artsyville 

Cheryl's list for Tuesday:  "I'm a sucker for...."

I read about List It Tuesdays while visiting my daily read the Daisy Yellow art blog.  Lists as an art challenge?!  Heck yeah! I love art challenges! I love lists!
With no time to waste, I jumped right in.  Somehow I misplaced the past three weeks!  Where does the time go?  I  missed the first three list prompts: "Goals",  "Things that make you nostalgic" and "Creative things I can do in 15 minutes or less."  So above you see my take on the next list:  "I'm a sucker for..."
Using every green acrylic paint I own, I painted grids onto an 8 1/2 by 11 inch page in my drawing journal.  When the grids didn't prove to be distinctive enough for my satisfaction, I started painting over it all with lime green paint.  I used plastic bubble wrap and plastic bottle lids dipped in other shades of green and yellow paint to overlay patterns.  I chose greens because my theme for this list is "go!"  Go as in go ahead, go for what you want.

I drew a quick sketch of a traffic light with a glowing green light on an index card with an ultra-fine black permanent pen and colored pencils. I enjoyed the carefree result of the messy lines and the colorful shadow around the traffic light.  I used to be so inhibited by my lack of drawing ability, but joinging art challenges like ICAD now enable me to enjoy drawing!

I brushed matte medium between two pages to glue them together in my drawing journal. I needed to create a thicker page for my composition.  Heavy books piled on top of the drawing journal  helped the pages dry smooth in no time.
For the phrases of desire and want I cut out random letters from magazines, attached them with a glue stick and outlined them with a sky blue oil pastel  crayon.  I used colored pencils to add color to the traffic light, the list title and the dots that separate the items on my list: 

I'm a sucker for...
*the uncommon and unexpected*happy memories*quirky quotes*the color green*glitter*craft books*chocolate*coffee*gemstones*florals*good design*music*creative tv shows and websites*roses*sunny days*plays*dresses*art supplies*interesting texture*art.

Why don't you join us for Artsyville's List It Tuesdays art challenge? 

1. How to get the list-it prompts.  Aimee posts the list prompt each week.  Create your list any way you like, seriously any way you like.
2.  How to link up with Artyville.  Post your list on your site. If you don't have a website you can also link from a Flickr account where you can upload and store your images such as a photo from your smartphone or computer.  Link your list with Artyville's  List It  post on Tuesdays.  Artyville has a "linky tool" that makes it easy.

There you can click to see others' art lists that they linked, along with your lists.  It's so fun!

 Go for it! Show your creativity!


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