Friday, October 19, 2012

Index Card a Day #46 - #50

Index cards I designed for the ICAD art challenge at Daisy Yellow art blog.
 #46: Concentric Circles
 Materials used:
*magazine cut outs
*index card and glue stick
#47 Collage with White

*magazine cut outs in white, I was especially looking for texture and pattern
*index card and glue stick

 #48 Strips of Fabric
 *white muslin fabric ribbon from Costco knitted throw
*index card cut with slits on the sides to thread ribboon through
*pink paints in light and dark
*white paint
*plastic bottle lids for printing
*2 index cards glued together for thickness and glue stick
#49 Numbers
 *Zentangle books and reference sketches I've made of Zentangle patterns
*index card
*ultra-thin black permanent marker
#50 Favorite Album Cover
 Materials used:
*Bossa Nova Around the World CD
*magazine cut outs
*index card and glue stick
How I display my Index Cards a Day!
A photo album with plastic sleeves from Target.  The book is rather thick, but I like it!

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