Thursday, October 11, 2012

Index Card a Day #41 - #45

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No Frill Prompts

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Tammy at Daisy Yellow Art Blog wrote, "No Frill Prompts are fresh weekly creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable.  Use the prompt literally, figuratively, professionally or sarcastically."


 prompts from my favorite summer art challenge ever:

#41 Rainbow
Materials used:
*Bing image of drama masks
*index card covered with black cardstock
*colored pencils over black and white image

to outline and to make shapes in colors of the rainbow

 *glue stick

#42 Definition
Materials used:
*index card covered with scrapbook paper in neutral tones
*red card stock paper
*random letters cut from magazines
*index card
*sky blue oil pastel crayon for outlining
*teal colored pencil for outlining
*Artists' Way by Julia Cameron

#43 Draw a Lemon

Materials used:
*index card
*plastic lemon for reference while sketching
*colored pencils
 *note: drawing is not my forte, but attempting ICAD prompts like this help me to enjoy the process and accept the results however clumsy they may appear

#44 Ladybug
Materials used:
*index card painted with sky blue, white for clouds and green for grass stalks
*strawberry scrapbook paper
*plastic bottle lid for circle tracing pattern;
 cut 4 circles, fold in half, glue together to form 3D ladybug body
*black card stock
*glue stick
*ultra-thin permanent black ink pen

#45 Ocean 
Materials used:
 *index card

*magazine paper for sky, wave, water, shore, surfer and surfboard

*glue stick


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