Monday, October 29, 2012

Daily Paper Prompts #1 -#5

The Index Card a Day Challenge from

Daisy Yellow Art Blog

was such a popular art challenge (61 index card prompts) that it

continued in August and September with

61 Daily Paper Prompts

I enjoyed the creative spark, the daily artistic workout and the ongoing challenge of thinking of and creating something along with the Daisy Yellow art community.

Before work at school became intense and I needed to focus my time and attention there, I created several Daily Paper Prompts on index cards.  Here they begin:

Rainbow, Scraped
Prompt:  Paint a rainbow and scrape it with a tool or implement. 

Prompt:  I created a window in a magazine cut out car with a paper lizard leaning out.
Adhesive foam squares added dimension behind the lizard. 

Prompt:  Experiment with dripping paint. 
Here I took a  magazine photo of a flamingo then dripped  acrylic paints, thinned down with water,
in the colors of purples, lime green and yellow. 

Flower with a quote
Prompt:  Here is a flower I drew with water color pencils.
  I added the quote Now is the moment that never ends.  

Prompt:  I interpreted the prompt "Linear"  with a paper collage of female legs cut from magazines. 

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