Monday, October 22, 2012

ArtSeen Studio Tour, Frisco: I Went, I Saw, I Overheard

This crumpled map was folded, crushed and smushed as I drove around Frisco 
during the artseen studio tour this weekend.

I met the amazing artists shown above and and visited with them for a while, just long enough to photograph them and to overhear amazing comments about their art and their lives.
Artists' photographs and business cards were added to my art tour map
with card stock in various colors and random letters cut from magazines.
 My beat-up tour map was outlined in ultra-thin permanent black ink and green colored pencil.
Please pardon its wrinkles and obvious wear and tear. 

Misty Oliver-Foster

"I'm blessed."

 Here's Misty surrounded by her art in her amazing Fresh Paint studio,
 a creatively repurposed garage in the backyard of her family's home in Frisco.
 It's so colorful and perfect for her!  I told Misty she is very, very lucky to have such a
fabulous art studio, and she replied, "Yes, I'm blessed!"

Misty is the creative director for artseen.  She inspires artists like me in their work and provides opportunities for working artists. Misty teaches workshops and lectures.
Misty paints, draws and does mixed media art.
Her emphasis is on creativity and inspiration.

T.Scott Strombert

"I'm inspired."

Here's T.Scott standing before his whimsical abstract paintings
 inside the charming shop at Heritage Exteriors.

T. Scott's paintings are so colorful and full of movement.  T.Scott's
 work comes from his early interest in Folk Art, Cubism, and American Handicrafts.
I heard T.Scott comment that he was inspired by the beauty and spontaneity of Southern Folk Art while growing up in Florida and Kentucky.

Robert Wedepohl Pent

"I survived."

Here is Robert Wedepohl preparing his paints inside The Gallery 8680
Did you notice his work surface is an ironing board?  That's creative!
Robert is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, the deadliest and most destructive hurricane in American history, which occured in 2005.   Robert is also a painter, sculptor and a screenprinter.

I overheard Robert say,

 "I survived Katrina.
  I started making art to deal with my memories of the storm.
Image your hometown under 20 feet of water."

Kimberly Harris

"I paint clues."

Here is Kimberly Harris painting near her encourager and inspiration, Robert Wedephol,
in The Gallery 8680.
Kimberly is a painter and muralist, who like Robert, uses an ironing board as a work surface.
Another creative repurposer!

Kimberly was quietly working when I visited her at The Gallery 8680, but the artseen website told me that Kimberly thinks of her paintings as puzzles with clues hidden within them. 
Cool concept, Kimberly!

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