Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trader Joe's Plano, Texas


Got To Texas As Soon as They Could

Trader Joe's specialty grocery store #402 opened with foodies' anticipation last Friday at the northeast corner of Park and Preston in Plano, Texas,
across from Whole Foods,
 in a portion of the previous Albertson's location.

 Many grocery shoppers and I were eager today to see what legendary Trader Joe's is all about.  The store is rather small like a Sprout's grocery store, but very colorful and packed with TJ products.
 Exploring the aisles  today was out of the question because of the throng of shoppers,
but that's understandable.  Trader Joe's opened in Plano!

I purchased about three of the items on my longish list and then checked out.
  I thought the staff was upbeat  and pleasant.
You'll notice the hibiscus flower motif in the store,
a cool design reminescent of the store's 1960s Southern California origin.



My review of Trader Joe's Cookies

Joe-Joe's Chocolate Vanilla Bean Cream Cookies
with real vanilla bean speckles
 The chocolate vanilla Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies are surprisingly delicious for a store brand cookie.
Joe-Joe's cookies have a very good vanilla taste and are far better than a regular chocolate vanilla sandwich cookie.  I will buy them again and also try the other varieties.
For $2.99 I got 20 ounces of cookies which looked to me like a regular size box.  The Joe-Joe's cookie package is labeled no hydrogenated oils and all natural flavors.  A 2 cookie serving has a calorie count of 130. 
 A cute feature on the box is Joe-Joe the Tucan's 5 cookie eating instructions.
The first cookie eating instruction is: 
"Use the beak to twist and pull apart two choolate cookie sides.  Eat vanilla bean cream filling. 
Now eat chocolate cookie one side at a time."
2400 Preston Road
Open 8 am to 9 pm daily

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