Saturday, September 15, 2012

Index Card a Day #26 - #30


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ICAD2 #26 Ice Cream Sundae

This is a paper collage on a 3 x 5 inch index card made from magazine photographs
 for the ICAD2 prompt
"Ice Cream Sundae."

It was the Fourth of July weekend when I collaged this composition and red, white and blue seemed appropro!

ICAD2 #27 Fortune Cookie Fortune

Materials used:  corkboard printed scrapbook paper, PostIt brand memo paper, a butterfly cut out from an old O Magazine, and a fortune cookie fortune from my wallet. 
"Allow your confidence to carry you through each day."
The memo board list:
"ICAD2 Week 4 Prompts"
1. Quote/check!    See my ICAD2 #21  Antarctica sun with quote
2. Snowman/check! See my ICAD2 #22   Snowman earring
3. Disco ball/check!  See my ICAD2 #23    Disco ball shoe
4. Moment in words/check!  See my ICAD2 #24    Awake collage
5. Fabric/check!  See my ICAD2 #25  Brocade photo with definition
6. Recipe/check!  See my ICAD2 #29  Recipe for Avocado Milk Sherbet
7. Mondrian art/check!  See my ICAD2 #30 Mondrian Inspired Owl
8. Sketch bike/no go!  Sketching isn't my thing.

ICAD2 #28 Andy Griffith Tribute

Andy Griffith tribute index card.

ICAD2 #29 Recipe

Avocado Milk Sherbet recipe and avocado collage.

ICAD2 #30 Mondrian Art

After researching the Mondrian style of art I picked up a random paper shape I had on my art table. 
The paper shape was a simple owl.

I traced the owl in the lower center of the index card then I used a ruler to create angular shapes inside and outside the owl outline.

I completed the Mondrian art prompt by coloring the shapes with the traditional Mondrian black, yellow, red, white, and medium blue.   

See my work for ICAD2 at flickr.


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