Saturday, September 1, 2012

Index Card a Day #21 - #25

"Everything will be okay in the end.

If it isn't okay, it isn't the end.

Here you see my index card decorated with layers of torn paper from magazine photographs.
The colors I used for this composition were inspired by the photograph on the left of the sun over Antarctica, probably from an old National Geographic magazine.
  I found other colors in my paper scraps in blues, pinks and purples to complete the sun photo. 
The quote was from my random readings of the week.

ICAD2 #22 Snowman

I designed a snowman earring for this index card prompt by punching out white circles with an ordinary hole punch.  I sketched a little hat and carrot nose then cut them out an glued it all together to create a snowman earring. Using an ultra fine tip pen I added some detail to the snowman earring and made it appear that it is being worn by the lady from a magazine ad.

Random letters spelling out "Let it snow" were outlined with icy sky blue pastel crayons and glued with glue stick vertically on the right side. 

 ICAD2 #23 Disco Ball

I found an image on Bing Images of a lady's shoes with a little disco ball under the front of the shoe.
With decorative paper with music notes and silver stars I made a backgrounds for first the entire index card and then the shoe itself.

 Kelly Osbourne quote, "To fill the shoes of rock 'n roll, because of the family I have, is a really hard thing."

ICAD2 #24   Moment in Time With One Word

This prompt was very fun to interpret:  a moment in time with one word.  I browsed through one of the magazines I use for cutting up and saw the coffee cup in an advertisement.

A photograph of gigantic blueberries made a great background because the berries are so large you get just an impression of the complementary color purple to the orange cup.  I added the word "awake" (cut from random letters) because I love to drink coffee to awaken each morning.

The little green bird was a whimsical addtion just to add some cuteness to my collage.

Finally I outlined the letters in a sky blue pastel crayon.

ICAD2 #25 Fabric

 I was browsing through an old "Oprah" magazine for fabric inspiration when I spotted the photo above of a lady wearing a brocade coat.

I turned my index card vertically and cropped the photograph to fit the card.

The coat fabric is a beautiful blue brocade.  I located a definition for brocade online, then wrote it in blue ultra thin marker on a thin strip of a blank index card to help the viewer of the card contect the image with the prompt "fabric."

See my work for ICAD2 at flickr.

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