Monday, September 17, 2012

Heads Up! Ceiling Student Art Tiles



Exquisitely painted ceiling tiles caught my attention when I visited CMS for a librarians' inservice  recently.    These captivating tiles were painted by art students.
The school library is in the Fine Arts wing of the school, and it is lucky enough to have ceiling tiles at its entrance and in the hallways nearby.
I enjoyed looking at all the ceiling art tiles, and I was amazed at the large number of them.  I walked around looking up at the tiles for quite some time.  Amazing talent!
I couldn't resist photographing some of my favorites shown below to share with you:



 CMS Art Teacher Sara Stevens-Slater says that the ceiling tiles
 have been around for awhile and were started by the previous art teacher. 
Sara student-taught at CMS and continued this creative tradition when she became the art teacher.

The privilege to paint a ceiling tile is reserved for the advanced art class. 
A student must be selected the previous year by Sara to be in advanced art.

According to Sara a painted ceiling tile takes up to a month to 6 weeks from start to finish.
 The student researches an artist then tells Sara about the artist's life and art style.

Once the student has chosen their favorite artwork by that artist, they grid it out. 
This is the one and only project students are allowed to copy. 
Each tile says "copied by: student name." 

This ceiling tile project teaches students how to enlarge a small printout to a large 24" x 24" square.  This amounts to a lot of math!

Way to go Sara and CMS Advanced Art Students.

I love your creative ceiling art tiles!

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