Thursday, September 20, 2012

Framed Wooden Letters - With Infinite Possibilities

I happened to be in a library when I spotted this beauty.
I did a double take when I saw this gorgeousness:

Inside this frame, next to the wooden READ letters,
is a textured oil painting of a sunflower on canvas in deep lovely colors. 


Lisa Coolbaugh-Smith, school librarian, created 
the large framed READ for the library I visited when she was the librarian there. 
The framed READ is on a wall above the bookcases.
 I estimate it from memory to be about
4' tall and 4' wide in size.

READ is a very striking piece of art with golden gilded letters in a frame against a taupe wall.

Lisa told me,

"I bought the frames at Hobby Lobby in the clearance area.  Sometimes the framing department has really odd sized frames that someone didn't end up buying,
and Hobby Lobby clearances these frames at a fairly low price. 
 I thought of different words and measured to see which letter styles and sizes would work.  You can also just frame each letter which is a project I've done at my present school library
since I couldn't find another frame large enough. 
Hobby Lobby has the letters very often at half off so never purchase them at full price!  Sometimes you will also see large frames such as these at TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning on clearance. 
Just remove the glass and you have your frame!

Lining up the hooks to make it all symmetrical was probably the most difficult part.
You have to consider that each of the letters
hangs from the back in a different spot from the others
depending on the shape of the letter."

Kristin Jurik, the librarian where both these works of art reside, created the smaller READ with the sunflower painting. I estimate the frame from memory to be about 3 1/2' tall by 2' wide in size.
 Kristine's framed art composition is also very distinctive, and it excited me to see such an unusual combination of an open frame, wooden letters and a painted canvas.
Kristine told me,
"My Mom paints, and she made the sunflower oil painting for me.  I found the frame that surrounds the painting in the "bulky trash pickup" because someone was throwing it and an old picture away.  I rescued it! 

 I threw out the art work and glass that was in the frame and painted the frame with gold paint.  The READ letters came from Hobby Lobby--on sale of course.  I probably spent less than $10 for that piece of art work in my office."

You're so creative Lisa and Kristine!
  Thanks for sharing how you made this amazing framed wall art.  

 I wonder what size frame I would need to spell out

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