Sunday, September 23, 2012

Display Your Creativity: Microsoft Outlook Picture Change

1. Sign in to your Microsoft Outlook 2010 Email Account 

2. In the upper right hand corner locate your name and the down arrow. 
Here you see my art as my Outlook profile photo. 
My image is a paper collage that represents a modern style chandelier with the quote
"I radiate pure awesome."
3. Click on the down arrow next to your name,
and you will see the Change Picture window:

4. Click on Change...

5.  Go to your picture files.
 Decide on a photo or image you'd like to use for your Outlook profile image.
Select it and click open. Your image will appear in the Change Picture window. 
So much creativity to display and so little time!
 6. Here you see that now I've selected my drama masks with colorful shapes
drawn over them with colored pencils.
This is my index card a day and"rainbow" was the prompt.
7.  Click on Change... and Save

8. My photo has been changed.
Goodbye chandelier.
Hello drama masks.
9. Click on sign out.
 You will see the change in images upon restart.

Display your creativity by changing your Outlook profile image often!

 I like to change my image weekly.

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