Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stinson Rope Course

Teacher Team Building  -  Ropes Course  - That's unique!

I love Michaels Craft Stores for my back to school supplies!

The four Rs of back to school: 

reading, writing, arithmatic, and 

r o p e s ? 


Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary


 Ropes Course


McKinney, Texas



"Build your strength.  Make this a better world."

- Heard Ropes Instructor

We took the ropes course challenge the first day back to work
after summer break. A morning of team-building games and challenges started with:

 Two pages to sign with words like "risk factor" and "severability." 

"Chocolate River" Game

Some of us got marshmallows (carpet squares) to use as stepping stones across an imaginary path called the "Chocolate River."  Some of us were sharks. 

The sharks tried to devour the travelers on the river by stealing their marshmallows. 

Somehow the travelers made it to the finish line although the ravenous sharks tried to capture the marshmallows!

"Keypad" Game

The ropes course instructor made a ring of plastic tubes then tossed down circles with numbers on them.

Our challenge was to collect the number circles in number order without stepping on the ground.

Our first try took 6 minutes.

We got to try it again and we got all the number circles in 3 minutes without touching the ground.

Hillary and Keri on the "Ladder"

Harnesses, helmets, and a two story high ladder.

What was your favorite Ropes Course moment?


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