Friday, August 17, 2012

Shine Online Blogging E-Course

The Crafty Chica

If you've thought about creating a blog of your own there are free, easy ways to do it!  Blogger and Wordpress are two of the most popular right now.  My creativity blog "" is on Blogger, and it took only a Google account, a few minutes to set it up, and a reason to share.

I recommend Crafty Chica's online workshops, especially the "Shine Online: Make Your Blog Sparkle!" workshop that is going on right now.  It isn't too late to join and enjoy.  I'm a student of the "Shine Online" blogging workshop and I have learned so much.  Why don't you joing us?

Here's what we'll cover:

Week One:  purpose, target audience, voice, mission statement, goal settiing, bio, labels/sections

Week Two:  design, fonts, layout, sidebars, photos, videos, captions, Pinterest, Instagram, tagging, branding

Week Three:  Content, headlines, series, tutorials, blog post 411, contests, giveaways, editing, writing

Week Four:  engagement, platform outreach, Twitter, Facebook, youtube, email lists, building subscribers, monetizing publicity

Please enter my name in the "Special Instructions" box if you register for Crafty Chica's  "Shine Online: Make Your Blog Sparkle" ecourse. 

Thank you, and I hope you have a creative day!

Noticed any creativity lately? 

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