Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Index Card a Day #6 - #10


My Index Card a Day #6 - #10


ICAD2 #6 Collage

Magazine cut out of Dallas skyline with random letters to spell Dallas.

ICAD #7 Pen Test

I used a stencil of flip flops and fancy drinks to test the variations of lines
 made with my fine tip black permanent pens.  I used colored pencils to add color.

ICAD #8 Colors of Winter (Christmas)

I love red and green for Christmas. 

ICAD2 #9 Experiment

For my experiment I stitched on an index card.  First I found a stencil small enough to
fit on the index card.  I traced the butterfly on the back of the card then added
a strip of scrapbook paper that wasn't too busy.  I used a thick darning needle to prick
holes along the traced butterfly on the back of the card.
Finally I used two strands of embroidery thread to complete my experiment of stitchiing on paper.

ICAD2 #10 Faux Hawaiian Quilt

I researched Hawaiian quilt pattern designs for the "faux quilt pattern" prompt.
I photocopied this one with pinapples.
The photocopy was painstakingly cut out and decorated with colored pencils.



See my work for ICAD2 at flickr. 

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