Sunday, August 26, 2012

Index Card a Day # 16 - #20

My Index Card a Day #16 - #20

#16 Fringe

Yellow and lime green tissue paper was folded, cut into into thin strips
 and glued around a blue index card to create fringe.

I painted the index card blue with acrylic paint and added pink circles
by dipping plastic bottle lids into paint then stamping onto the blue card.

Last I added random letters to spell "celebrate" outlined in pastel crayon
and dots punched out of magazine photos with an ordinary hole punch.

#17 MindMap the Color Blue

A mindmap is a diagram of thoughts and side thoughts about thoughts.
Here the prompt was to mindmap the color blue.

I cut out a female blue eye from a magazine photo in an oval eye shape and created a mindmap to represent eye lashes.

My thoughts on the color blue, and the available space on an index card,had to be narrowed down to only the categories of
jewels, nature, famous uses of blue, places, and blue you wear. Once I started mindmapping the color blue, I had many thought and examples. I used an ultra-thin blue marker to letter in the categories.

Jewels:  lapis, sapphire, aquamarine, turquoise, blue topax

Nature:  ocean, sky, midnight blue, cobalt, robin's egg, baby blue, blueberry, bluebonnet

Fame: Little Boy Blue, Blue's Clues, Blue M&M, Smurfs, Jazz Blues, Dorothy's (Wizard of Oz) dress

Wear:  denim, navy, royal blue, blue ribbon, indigo

#18 Colored Pencil on Black Paint

I painted an index card with black acrylic paint in streaks for more interest than a solid black background.

Than I used a "have fun" and balloon stencil with colored pencils to create a design. 

#19 Perfume Bottle

I collaged a perfume bottle from magazine photos in the colors of blue and orange. 

First I made a copy of an actual perfume bottle.  Then I interpreted the main shapes of the perfume bottle and the background by selecting magazine photos that were quite contrasting. 
Last  I added the word "stunning" as a name for the perfume.

#20 Chandelier

For the chandelier prompt I looked at chandelier images at Bing and selected a modern style chandelier for my index card.

I  saw the layers of the chandelier as thin bands of pattern that would suggest the round nature of a chandelier.  A photograph of a female henna tatooed hand was the pattern I selected.  The background was applied at angles to suggest a corner of a room with neutral for the wall color.  I used a repeating cursive L as a type of attachment between the ceiling and the chandelier.

Quote:  "I radiate pure awesome."

See my work for ICAD2 at flickr.

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