Sunday, August 19, 2012

Index Card a Day #11 - #15

My Index Card a Day  #11-#15

#11 Black and White

Magaine photo collage of house
 with letters in frames
 spelling "family."

#12 Use All Your Blue Materials

Here you see a blue composition with magazine cut outs, glitter glue, chalk,
rubber stamp letters, acrylic paint, colored paint and ultra thin blue marker.

#13 Stripes

This is a paper collage of magazine photo cut outs illlustrating stripes with the striped throw and the striped shell.

#14 Alphabet Rubber Stamps

This is a tribute to my alma-mater Texas Woman's Universitiy (TWU) using a variety of alphabet rubber stamps.
The colors I used are the schools colors of purple and white.
I have several alphabet rubber stamp sets but the largest ones you see here are my favorite.

#15 Swirl

How amazing it is that I found a girl with a swirl in her hair for this index card challenge. 
Mighty unlikely if you ask me.
I added the words "swirl" in random cut out letters and outlined the letters in red oil pastel crayons.

See my work for ICAD2 at flickr.


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