Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Index Card a Day # 1 - #5

One of My Favorite Summer Art Adventures Ever!


What could be simpler?  Decorate an index card every day in June and July with some creative prompts provided every day by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.

Yes, just a regular index card.  You know you have many hanging out on your desk.

Decorate your index card just any way you like:  draw, paint, collage, rubber stamp, whatever!  There's even a Flickr group to showcase your cards.  I was totally in!  I labled my photos ICAD2 because this is the second summer of ICAD. Did I mention it's free?

My Index Card Art #1 - #5

inspired by prompts from Daisy Yellow Art Blog

ICAD 2#1 Journey
This is a paper collage with my handwritten details to describe ICAD2 as a journey.

ICAD #2 Definition
This heart cupcake is so cute I used to illustrate my definition index card
"If you are what you eat, eat something cute."

ICAD #3 Yellow
For the yellow prompt I noticed some yellow hibiscus stationery on my compuer desk, so I made a paper collage of yellow, orange and blue with some facts about the flower.

ICAD2 #4 Doodle Your Name
Well, I had some letter stencils, a ruler, colored pencils, and some teal blue scrapbook paper. 
That's all I needed to create one of my favorite index cards and most often commented upon at daisyyellow.

ICAD2 #5 Fish
Here's another one of my most commented upon index cards. 
It's an image of the Piranha pencil sharpener I bought at Dollar Tree.
I drew three colored pencils on some handy scrap paper to go with it.

Which index card was your favorite from today's ICAD gallery?

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