Sunday, August 26, 2012

Index Card a Day # 16 - #20

My Index Card a Day #16 - #20

#16 Fringe

Yellow and lime green tissue paper was folded, cut into into thin strips
 and glued around a blue index card to create fringe.

I painted the index card blue with acrylic paint and added pink circles
by dipping plastic bottle lids into paint then stamping onto the blue card.

Last I added random letters to spell "celebrate" outlined in pastel crayon
and dots punched out of magazine photos with an ordinary hole punch.

#17 MindMap the Color Blue

A mindmap is a diagram of thoughts and side thoughts about thoughts.
Here the prompt was to mindmap the color blue.

I cut out a female blue eye from a magazine photo in an oval eye shape and created a mindmap to represent eye lashes.

My thoughts on the color blue, and the available space on an index card,had to be narrowed down to only the categories of
jewels, nature, famous uses of blue, places, and blue you wear. Once I started mindmapping the color blue, I had many thought and examples. I used an ultra-thin blue marker to letter in the categories.

Jewels:  lapis, sapphire, aquamarine, turquoise, blue topax

Nature:  ocean, sky, midnight blue, cobalt, robin's egg, baby blue, blueberry, bluebonnet

Fame: Little Boy Blue, Blue's Clues, Blue M&M, Smurfs, Jazz Blues, Dorothy's (Wizard of Oz) dress

Wear:  denim, navy, royal blue, blue ribbon, indigo

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stinson Rope Course

Teacher Team Building  -  Ropes Course  - That's unique!

I love Michaels Craft Stores for my back to school supplies!

The four Rs of back to school: 

reading, writing, arithmatic, and 

r o p e s ? 


Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary


 Ropes Course


McKinney, Texas



"Build your strength.  Make this a better world."

- Heard Ropes Instructor

We took the ropes course challenge the first day back to work
after summer break. A morning of team-building games and challenges started with:

 Two pages to sign with words like "risk factor" and "severability." 

"Chocolate River" Game

Some of us got marshmallows (carpet squares) to use as stepping stones across an imaginary path called the "Chocolate River."  Some of us were sharks. 

The sharks tried to devour the travelers on the river by stealing their marshmallows. 

Somehow the travelers made it to the finish line although the ravenous sharks tried to capture the marshmallows!

"Keypad" Game

The ropes course instructor made a ring of plastic tubes then tossed down circles with numbers on them.

Our challenge was to collect the number circles in number order without stepping on the ground.

Our first try took 6 minutes.

We got to try it again and we got all the number circles in 3 minutes without touching the ground.

Hillary and Keri on the "Ladder"

Harnesses, helmets, and a two story high ladder.

What was your favorite Ropes Course moment?


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Index Card a Day #11 - #15

My Index Card a Day  #11-#15

#11 Black and White

Magaine photo collage of house
 with letters in frames
 spelling "family."

#12 Use All Your Blue Materials

Here you see a blue composition with magazine cut outs, glitter glue, chalk,
rubber stamp letters, acrylic paint, colored paint and ultra thin blue marker.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Shine Online Blogging E-Course

The Crafty Chica

If you've thought about creating a blog of your own there are free, easy ways to do it!  Blogger and Wordpress are two of the most popular right now.  My creativity blog "" is on Blogger, and it took only a Google account, a few minutes to set it up, and a reason to share.

I recommend Crafty Chica's online workshops, especially the "Shine Online: Make Your Blog Sparkle!" workshop that is going on right now.  It isn't too late to join and enjoy.  I'm a student of the "Shine Online" blogging workshop and I have learned so much.  Why don't you joing us?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf

Recycle Two Old T-Shirts into a Beautiful Scarf

Skill Level Medium - One Hour Project
Click image for web tutorial.  Used with permission.

My try at making a braided scarf from t-shirts:

I started with two t-shirts size L that I didn't mind making into a scarf.

Here's what you see in the tutorial link:

 Cut each of the shirts from above the hem to just below the arm seam to create two tubes of fabric.

Cut the tubes in half then fold lengthwise and stitch closed with right sides together. 

Put your hand in each tube and pull out the fabric.  Braid the fabric tubes together.

Sew the ends shut from the inside.  Sounds weird but it isn't that complicated.

You have to hand sew the last few inches to close the seams, but that's simple.


Here's my finished scarf.  I think it's so cute!

Don't forget to go to the scarf tutorial link above.

The tutorial shows you in great detail how to cut,

 braid and stitch your t-shirts into a  beautiful, braided scarf.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Index Card a Day #6 - #10


My Index Card a Day #6 - #10


ICAD2 #6 Collage

Magazine cut out of Dallas skyline with random letters to spell Dallas.

ICAD #7 Pen Test

I used a stencil of flip flops and fancy drinks to test the variations of lines
 made with my fine tip black permanent pens.  I used colored pencils to add color.

ICAD #8 Colors of Winter (Christmas)

I love red and green for Christmas. 

ICAD2 #9 Experiment

For my experiment I stitched on an index card.  First I found a stencil small enough to
fit on the index card.  I traced the butterfly on the back of the card then added
a strip of scrapbook paper that wasn't too busy.  I used a thick darning needle to prick
holes along the traced butterfly on the back of the card.
Finally I used two strands of embroidery thread to complete my experiment of stitchiing on paper.

ICAD2 #10 Faux Hawaiian Quilt

I researched Hawaiian quilt pattern designs for the "faux quilt pattern" prompt.
I photocopied this one with pinapples.
The photocopy was painstakingly cut out and decorated with colored pencils.



See my work for ICAD2 at flickr. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Amazing Thing Book Review

"The Best Storyteller in North Texas" 

Book Review

One Amazing Thing

by Chitra Divakaruni

Rose-Mary Rumbley

Humorist, author, actress, professor and book reviewer Rose-Mary Rumbley spoke  at the Richardson Civic Center Grand Hall recently about the power of storytelling and the book One Amazing Thing, courtesy of the Friends of the Richardson Library.

One Amazing Thing by Chitra Divakaruni is the fictional story of nine people buried underground somewhere in the US after an earthquake.  One of the characters tells the others that they should pool their resources and help each other.  Will they be found?  Each of the characters tell one amazing story from their lives to help pass the time.  Rose-Mary read her favorite story from the book about a character who failed at her job at a beauty shop.  Rose-Mary made us laugh with her comic voice and skill at public speaking.  There's no one quite like her. 

Rose-Mary humorously reminded us that stories are more than just stories, they have unexpected power. Stories teach us:

*how to read (remember your favorite childhood story

* morals (Grimm's fairytales)

*human relations (Huck Finn and Jim by Mark Twain)

Thanks Rose-Mary!
We also enjoyed hearing your stories about early years of Texas and about your family.
Come back to Richardson soon!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boldly Brilliant

Creative, Artsy
      Richard Matkin, Superintendent
   Tammy Richards, Board of Trustees




It is so exciting when school begins every August!  One of the reasons that the start of school is so exciting is that I receive some very creative mail art.  Take a look at this Lichtenstein pop-art inspired brochure from the Plano ISD where I'm proud to teach. Congratulations PISD, you're bold and brilliant!

Noticed any creativity lately? 

Please contact me at

I'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Index Card a Day # 1 - #5

One of My Favorite Summer Art Adventures Ever!


What could be simpler?  Decorate an index card every day in June and July with some creative prompts provided every day by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.

Yes, just a regular index card.  You know you have many hanging out on your desk.

Decorate your index card just any way you like:  draw, paint, collage, rubber stamp, whatever!  There's even a Flickr group to showcase your cards.  I was totally in!  I labled my photos ICAD2 because this is the second summer of ICAD. Did I mention it's free?

My Index Card Art #1 - #5

inspired by prompts from Daisy Yellow Art Blog

ICAD 2#1 Journey
This is a paper collage with my handwritten details to describe ICAD2 as a journey.

ICAD #2 Definition
This heart cupcake is so cute I used to illustrate my definition index card
"If you are what you eat, eat something cute."

ICAD #3 Yellow
For the yellow prompt I noticed some yellow hibiscus stationery on my compuer desk, so I made a paper collage of yellow, orange and blue with some facts about the flower.

ICAD2 #4 Doodle Your Name
Well, I had some letter stencils, a ruler, colored pencils, and some teal blue scrapbook paper. 
That's all I needed to create one of my favorite index cards and most often commented upon at daisyyellow.

ICAD2 #5 Fish
Here's another one of my most commented upon index cards. 
It's an image of the Piranha pencil sharpener I bought at Dollar Tree.
I drew three colored pencils on some handy scrap paper to go with it.

Which index card was your favorite from today's ICAD gallery?